Artur Piotrowski

I have been involved in technology for 10 years. At the beginnings I was website administrator and plugin programmer, also was doing scripts operating on certain principles.

I liked it very much and decided to improve my skill in this direction. 3D design programs and professional programming tools have come – over time the problem of code versioning arose, which forced me to use git in everyday life.

There were more and more pages and websites. Tools operating on large data sets, optimization problems, and server resources, began to appear. So the solution was to cluster and descend to lower and lower level elements of programming languages. Database procedures, queues and various methods have been added to ensure the highest availability of site and speed of reconstruction in case of failure.

My willingness to continue absorbing knowledge is growing more and more. Recently, server rent prices have come in the way. The effect was the purchase of my own – and after a while, before I looked back, the whole rack shelter in the home lab was already standing. 10Gbit network, storage matrix, 2 node servers and 1 main server, redundant connections. Searching and testing a large amount of software caused massive utilization of time, but gave unique knowledge – thanks to that I can easily choose the right systems for the right solutions.

Thanks to these experiences and opportunities to cooperate with the best, from year to year I am able to present a list of things which I’m proud of. My experience and continuous needs from satisfied customers forced me to take action. I started looking for another brilliant mind that could inherit knowledge, but with better results – apart from mistakes and problems of getting information. For this reason, mentoring appeared, and with him Bartek – about which you can learn by reading next to 🙂

Bartosz Twardowski

I am 20 years old and I was born in Lubań, where I currently live. I met programming for the first time in the second year of high school and after a while it became my hobby. I develop my passion towards creating websites, especially from the backend side, but I do not limit myself to frontend development. I can also use CMS to create websites, in particular taking care of its reliability, security and optimization.

I am currently a student at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in the field of Industrial Computer Science, where I also study programming. However, the knowledge acquired during my studies is not enough for me, that’s why I have been working with Artur since the beginning of the year, which resulted in the creation of several team projects. Thanks to this I get to know the best tools and the latest technologies currently used in companies such as:

  • GIT – versioning the code,
  • Symfony – for learning MVC based on one of the best frameworks in PHP,
  • database optimization and implementation,
  • Gulp,
  • JavaScript,
  • JQuery,
  • NPM,
  • AngularJS,
  • backup and storage systems,
  • dockerization and containerization of virtual environments.